Research Surveys

The commercial seafood industry in BC has the highest commitment to resource management. Each fishery contributes to research, stock assessment, and data management. Through extensive survey programs and rigorous catch monitoring, this research and management is fully funded by the industry. Overall, the BC Seafood industry contributes more than $10 million  every year to ensure that our fisheries are sustainable. The contribution of commercial fisheries provides the most accurate depiction of stock assessments. Together, biologists, the Department of Fisheries, First Nations, and fish harvesters work towards studying the dynamic nature of fish and shellfish. We help to study fish ageing, ecosystems, predators, and climate change. 


Why is this research so important?

Survey data and research are combined with fishery catch data to conduct stock assessments of the fish and shellfish resources in BC. This information helps develop a harvest strategy designed to meet the requirements of Canada’s Fisheries Act and precautionary approach harvest policy.