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Area A Crab Association

Species: Dungeness Crab
Contact: Chelsey Ellis, Executive Director
Email: chelseyellis13@gmail.com
Website: weheartbccrab.ca

BC Northern Trollers Association

Species: Salmon
Contact: Jon Hunter, Vice President
Email: jon23hunt@gmail.com
Website: northerntrollers.bc.ca

BC Tuna Fishermen’s Association

Species: Albacore Tuna
Contact: Peter Degreef, Vice President
Email: peterjdegreef@hotmail.com
Website: www.bctfa.com

Pacific Urchin Harvesters Association

Species: Sea Urchin
Contact: Mike Featherstone, President
Email: mike@oceanmasterfood.com
Website: www.puha.org

Underwater Harvesters Association

Species: Geoduck
Contact: Grant Dovey, Executive Director
Email: executivedirector@geoduck.org
Website: www.geoduck.org

Deep Sea Trawlers Association of BC

Species: Deep Sea Groundfish 
Contact: Brian Mose, Executive Director
Email: bmose@uniserve.com
Website: www.dsta.ca

Pacific Halibut Management Association

Species: Halibut
Contact: Chris Sporer, Executive Director
Email: chris.sporer@phma.ca
Website: www.phma.ca

Pacific Prawn Fishermen’s Association

Species: Spot Prawns
Contact: Mike Atkins, Executive Director
Email: mike@bcsprawns.ca
Website: www.bcprawns.ca

Pacific Sea Cucumber Harvesters Association

Species: Sea Cucumber
Contact: Geoff Krause, Executive Director
Email: gkrause@shaw.ca
Website: www.pscha.org

Canadian Sablefish Association

Species: Sablefish Contact: Chris Acheson, Executive Director                                          Email:cacheson@canadiansablefish.com Website: www.canadiansablefish.com

Gulf Trollers Association

Species: Salmon
Contact: Dane Chauvel, Executive Committee Member
Email: dane@telus.net
Website: www.gulftrollers.com

Area B Seine Association 

Species: Salmon
Contact: Chris Ashton, Executive Committee Member
Email: areab@telus.net
Website: www.bcsalmon.ca

Processor members

French Creek Seafood

Species: Salmon Roe, Halibut, Salmon, Lingcod, Tuna, Spot Prawns
Contact: Brad MacLean, President
Email: brad@frenchcreek.ca
Website: www.frenchcreek.ca

Canadian Fishing Company

Species: Salmon, Hake, Groundfish, Herring Roe, Salmon Roe
Contact: Phil Young, Vice President
Email: phil.young@canfisco.com
Website: www.canfisco.com

Keltic Seafoods

Species: Ice manufacturing and fish by-product rendering
Contact: Mickey Flanagan, CEO
Email: mickey@kelticseafoods.com
Website: www.kelticseafoods.com

Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. 

Speciality: Cold Storage
Contact: Lawrence Brew, General Manager
Email: lbrew@cloverdale.ca
Website: www.cloverdalecold.ca

Fisher Bay Seafood

Species: Hake and Groundfish
Contact: Tracy Ronlund, Vice President
Email: tracy@fisherbayseafood.com
Website: www.fisherbayseafood.com

CB Island Fisheries

Species: Salmon, Halibut, Lingcod, Dungeness Crab, Tuna Contact: Wing Yu    
Email: Wing.yu@calbur.com
Website: https://calbur.com/

Lions Gate Fisheries

Species: Salmon, Groundfish, Herring Roe, Hake, Dungeness Crabs, Halibut
Contact: Bart Frith, Vice President
Email: bart@lgf.ca
Website: www.lionsgatefisheries.com

Mariner Seafoods

Species: Hake and Groundfish
Contact: Shannon Mann, Director of Resource Management and Public Relations
Website: www.marinerseafoodsint.com.

Aero Trading Co.

Species: Halibut, Rockfish, Lingcod, Sablefish, Tuna, Salmon, Spot Prawns, Herring Roe
Contact: Brad Mirau, President
Email: brad@aerotrading.ca
Website: www.aerotrading.ca

Grand Hale 

Species: Salmon Roe, Sea Urchin, Herring Roe, Salmon, Spot Prawns, Dungeness Crabs, Halibut
Contact: John Nishidate, General Manager
Email: john@grandhale.com
Website: www.grandhale.com

Pacific Seafood

Species: Groundfish, Dungeness Crab, Salmon, Halibut, Sablefish, Hake
Contact: Dave Dawson, General Manager of Canadian Fleet Operations
Email: ddawson@pacseafood.com
Website: www.pacificseafood.com

North Delta Seafoods

Species: Sea Urchin, Herring, Salmon, Hake, Spot Prawns, Crab, Halibut, Sea Cucumber, Tuna, Lingcod, Salmon Roe, Sablefish
Contact: Chris Wick, Vice President
Email: chris@ndseafoods.com
Website: www.ndseafoods.com

West Coast Reduction

Species: Rendering and recycling seafood by-product
Contact: Barry Clotman, President
Email: bglotman@wcrl.com
Website: www.wcrl.com

Associate members

BC Salmon Marketing Council

Species: BC Salmon marketing
Contact: Steven Richards, Managing Director
Email: srichards@bcsalmon.ca
Website: www.bcsalmon.ca

Canadian Groundfish Research and Conservation Society

Species: Groundfish
Contact: Bruce Turris, Executive Director
Email: bruceturris@shaw.ca

Pacific Coast Fishermen’s Mutual Marine 

Specialty: Marine Insurance
Contact: Lee Varseveld, General Manger
Website: www.mutualmarine.bc.ca

Herring Conservation & Research Society

Species: Herring & Herring Roe
Contact: Rob Morely, Executive Director
Email: rmorleyconsulting@gmail.com

Canadian Pacific Kazunoko Association

Species: Herring Roe
Contact: Christina Burridge, Executive Director
Email: christinajburridge@outlook.com

Global Freight Solutions

Specialty: Shipping logistics 
Contact: Kim Murdock, Director
Email: kim@globalfreightsolutions.ca