The BC Seafood Alliance (BCSA) is a non-profit organization established in 1999 to represent British Columbia’s seafood industry. As an umbrella organization, our members represent fishing associations and processors. Together, we account for approximately 95% of the value of wild seafood from Canada’s Pacific Coast. The BC Seafood Alliance is by far the most representative commercial fishing group on the West Coast of Canada.


BC Seafood Alliance

The 12 full members of the BC Seafood Alliance are industry associations representing commercial fishing licence holders, vessel owners, and crews. All the major fisheries in BC are part of the BCSA. We also have 13 processor members involved in the BCSA. They are the main seafood processors across the province, accounting for 70% of the Salmon, Groundfish, herring, and shellfish production. Located in various coastal communities in BC, our processor members range from Vancouver Island, the lower mainland, and all the way up to Haida Gwaii. The BCSA has six associate members from fisheries conservation, marketing, and research societies. Together, our 30 members represent a united voice for the wild BC Seafood industry. 


Collectively, the BCSA represents the majority of commercially harvested seafood in BC, worth almost $1 billion in annual sales. Our members are industry leaders from various BC fisheries, including Salmon, Groundfish, Herring, Sablefish, Halibut, Tuna, Crab, Geoduck, Spot Prawns, Sea Cucumbers, and Sea Urchins. Overall, the BCSA represents over 5,000 individuals involved in the seafood sector.   

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Our mission

The BC Seafood Alliance is committed to the conservation and sustainability of wild commercial fisheries in BC. Our mission is to foster public recognition and support for BC’s seafood sector as an industry that is professional, responsible, self-sufficient, and innovative. The commercial fishing sector is an important contributor to the socioeconomic well-being of the province and its coastal communities. The BCSA helps to support a competitive and successful seafood industry in British Columbia that optimizes the value of the province’s seafood resources. We are proud to promote the high quality of BC seafood products, a safe working environment in the fishing industry, and world-class management of seafood resources in British Columbia.

Our work

The BC Seafood Alliance is a collective voice for thousands of small and medium-sized businesses that comprise BC’s seafood sector. We provide effective leadership, advocacy, and communication in pursuit of a profitable and sustainable seafood industry in British Columbia. The BCSA advocates for hardworking fishing families and processors across this province. The BC seafood sector connects coastal communities, plays a vital role in BC’s economy, and provides high-quality food for Canada and the world.

We provide effective leadership, advocacy and communication in pursuit of a sustainable and profitable seafood industry in British Columbia.