BC Seafood Alliance

The pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest are home to some of the most diverse and sought-after seafood delicacies in the world. BC commercial fisheries and processors are dedicated to successful management and comprehensive monitoring to ensure sustainability.

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BC Seafood Alliance

The BC Seafood Alliance represents the united voice of BC’s wild fishing sector, providing effective leadership, advocacy, and communication in pursuit of a sustainable and profitable seafood industry in British Columbia.


Why choose BC Seafood?

Effective Management

Commercial fisheries in BC are strictly managed to meet sustainable harvest rates and ensure abundant stock levels coast-wide. Stock assessment research, surveys, validation, and monitoring contribute to our dedication to sustainability.

Successful Harvest Methods

Each commercial fishery has specifically designed an effective harvest method to ensure top quality, eliminate by-catch, and protect the environment. Each species is just as unique as the harvest method! To name a few, Spot Prawns are harvested by trap, Halibut are fished with long lines, and Sea Cucumbers are hand-picked by commercial divers.

Support Fishing Families

Dedicated fishers harvest many species of wild seafood along the coast of BC. Get to know the harvesters and learn how supporting BC Seafood can positively impact fishing families and coastal communities.

Dedicated Fishing Associations and Processors

As an umbrella group that brings together traditional capture fisheries, seafood processors, marketers, and exporters, The BC Seafood Alliance collectively represents the wild BC seafood sector. Learn about the Associations and Processors that are effectively co-managing our BC fisheries.

What our
fishers say

My parents are fishermen and I literally grew up on the fishing boat. I started off in my playpen on the boat and then officially starting working as a fisherman when I was 12. Fishing is a lifestyle and it is so very rewarding to pass down this cultural identity, heritage and knowledge about our resource to my kids and the next generations.

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Spot Prawn


Cooking BC Seafood

The quality of BC Seafood is unrivaled. Whether you are looking for a recipe to try a shellfish delicacy, such as Geoduck, or a simple and quick Salmon dish, we have you covered. Curated by food bloggers, home cooks, and professional chefs, you are guaranteed to find a delicious recipe that is right for you.

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