BCSA Seafod Summit 2005

British Columbia: Leading the World in the Best Managed Fisheries – Bar None?

The following experts spoke at the Summit.  Please click on the links to read their presentations.  Pleae note: most of these are Power Point Presentations and may take a few minutes to down-load.

Christina Burridge, Executive Director BCSA:  The Vision for a Modern Seafood Industry in BC

Howard M. Johnson, H.M. Johnson & Associates:  Managing Fisheries for the Marketplace:  What the Global Seafood Market Wants From Fisheries Managers

Gunnar Knapp, Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska:  Managing Fisheries for the Marketplace

Carl-Christian Schmidt, Head of Fisheries Division, OECD:  Globalization and the Implications for the OECD Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector

Vicky Husband and Terry Glavin, Sierra Club of Canada:  The Sierra Club's Approach to the Challenge of Sustainable Fisheries (outline only)

John Davis, Special Advisor to the Deputy Minister on the Species at Risk Act. Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Species at Risk Update

David Bevan, DFO, ADM for Fisheries and Aquaculture Management:  Fisheries Act Renewal, Developing a Modern Tool to Support New Directions

Bud Graham, ADM, Oceans and Marine Fisheries Division, BC Ministry of Environment:  The Provincial Perspective

Paul Sprout, Regional Director-General, Pacific Region DFO:  The Regional Perspective


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