BCSA seafood Summit 2004

On January 7 2004, the BC Seafood Alliance held its third Summit on the future of the seafood industry in BC.  This Summit, entitled Challenges Ahead, focused on many of the issues that may affect the industry in the future.

One of the issues discussed was the Species at Risk Act, and how it may affect seafood harvesting and production. To view the Species at Risk Powerpoint Presentations, click here.

To view the other presentations from Summit III, please use the links below. To view PowerPoint presentations use the page up/down keys to scroll through the presentations, PDF files require acrobat reader.

Key Note Address, The Honourable John van Dongen, Minister of Agriculture, Food & Fisheries. (PDF file)

New Directions, The DFO Perspective, Larry Murray, Deputy Minister, Fisheries & Oceans Canada.

The BC Seafood Industry's Agenda for Change, Christina Burridge, BC Seafood Alliance. (PowerPoint)

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) Study, BC Seafood and Tidal Water Recreational Fishing, Gord Gislason, GSGislason & Associates Vancouver. (PDF file)

BC Seafood Sector SWOT Analysis, The Industry Perspective, Stuart Nelson, Nelson Bros. Fisheries Ltd. (PowerPoint)

BC's Seafood Industry 2002 and Indicators for 2003 & 2004, Al Castledine, Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Fisheries. (PowerPoint)

Traceability in Seafood, Ron Bulmer, Ron Bulmer Consulting Inc.

Native Participation in British Columbia Commercial Fisheries-2003, Michelle James, Teakerne Resource Consultants Inc. (PDF file)

Change, Challenges and Opportunities for Wild Fisheries,  Gunnar Knapp, University of Alaska (PDF file)










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