BCSA Workshop on IMPACTS TO Fisheries fROM Offshore Oil and Gas Seismic Operations

On February 17, 2004, the BC Seafood Alliance held a one-day workshop that dealt with the potential impacts of offshore oil and gas seismic
operations on fish, fisheries, fishers and aquaculture. The presentations and the background paper familiarized attendees with the basics of seismic testing, its effects, and possible industry responses and liaison mechanisms. 

The presentations (see below) showed how seismic testing works and described what's known - and what remains unknown - about its impacts on fish and invertebrates. They also outlined how the fishing industry in Eastern Canada has responded to oil and gas exploration activity and presented some lessons learned and possible alternative mechanisms for fishing industry involvement that might be considered in BC.

Background Paper for a Workshop on Seismic Survey Operations: Impacts on Fish, Fisheries, Fishers and Aquaculture,  David L. Peterson

Seismic Exploration: Potential Impacts on Marine Finfish, and Invertebrates, John Christian, LGL Ltd. (PDF file)

DFO Science Addressing the Environmental Issues Related to Offshore Oil & Gas Activities,  Dr. Ken Lee, Director of DFO's Centre for Offshore Oil & Gas Environmental Research  (PDF file)

Fisheries & Offshore Seismic Operations: Interactions, Liason and Mitigation:

The East Coast Experience.  Rob Pitt, Canning & Pitt Associates (PDF file)

Fishing Industry Perspective: Experience, Mechanisms for Participation and Lessons Learned,  Brian Giroux, Scotia Fundy Mobile Gear Fishermen's Association and Board Member, Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB) (PowerPoint Presentation)


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