Members of the BC Seafood Alliance

British Columbia Dogfish Hook & Line Industry Association

Mike Renwick, Executive Director

(604) 916-8432

BC Tuna Fishermen's Association

Ian Bryce, Executive Director

(250) 743-5002

Canadian Sablefish Association
Leslie Budden,
Chris Acheson

Deep Sea Trawlers Association
Brian Mose, President
(250) 954-5807

Fisheries Council of Canada
Rob Morley, West Coast Representative
(604) 681-0211

Gulf Trollers Association

Peter Sakich,
Dane Chauvel

Pacific Coast Shrimpers Cooperative

Lorne Clayton

Pacific Halibut Management Association

Gary Williamson,
Chris Sporer

Pacific Prawn Fishermen's Association
Steven Richards, Executive Director
(604) 506-1721

Pacific Sea Cucumber Harvesters Association
Sheila Wood, Coordinator
(604) 541-8212

Pacific Urchin Harvesters Association

Mike Featherstone, President
(604) 524-0322

Underwater Harvesters Association
Michelle James, Executive Director

(604) 734-5929

West Coast Green Urchin Harvesters Association
Michael Callow, Executive Director
(250) 655-0626


Associate BCSA Members

BC Salmon Marketing Council
Harriet Brooke
855 642-3551

Canadian Groundfish Research & Conservation Society
Bruce Turris, Executive Director
(604) 524-0005

Canadian Pacific Kazunoko Association

Christina Burridge

(604) 377-9213

Herring Conservation and Research Society

Lorena Hamer

(250) 390-9674

Pacific Coast Fishermen's Mutual Marine Insurance
Lee Varseveld, General Manager
(604) 420-9164