The Fish Safe Program is administered by the BC Seafood Alliance through Fishing Industry Safety Coordinator Gina Johansen.

Please click "fish safe" above to access the FishSafeBC.com site, a BC fishing industry driven program for improving safety on board commercial fishing vessels.

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The BC Seafood Alliance is committed to the conservation and sustainable use of seafood resources in B.C. for the benefit of all British Columbians. Its mandate is to foster public recognition and support for B.C.'s seafood sector, to promote the high quality of B.C. seafood products and to advocate for the effective management of B.C. seafood resources.





BCSA Notices:


The full Traceability report takes several minutes to down-load so report cards on the state of readiness, in each sector, are posted separately.

Traceability in the BC Seafood Sector

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On February 17 2004 the BCSA held a Workshop on Oil and Gas Seismic Operations: Impacts on Fish, Fisheries, Fishers and Aquaculture.

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